Monday, November 1, 2010


Today is my 6th year wedding anniversary with my husband. We have been a couple for 9 years now.

When I met his home for the first time (don't seem to have any scans of us together when we first met):

a pic of him when we first met, before the one above:

When I brought him back here:

Our wedding (handfasting):

guest book:

The altar (each bowl had one of each element: air, earth, fire, water):

water, fire, earth, air:

Me, the bride (that's a parrot play gym we built from PVC in the background, lol):

The women of the wedding (back: two bridesmaids, me, my maid of honor. front: my nieces: jr. bridesmaid and flower girl)

The men (and female groomsman--DH's little sister) of the wedding: Groomsmen, best man (DH was his best man, too) and groom:

fire's moment in the ceremony:

our hands, tied (how many people actually 'tie the knot?' LOL):

The kiss:

and the cake:


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