Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Different

Every time I read about a postpartum guideline, I think how very sad I would be to be treated that way. The most recent was about limiting the visit to 15 minutes like a time nazi. I would feel so dismissed and like I wasn't worth my visitor's time--like I was putting them out--if someone did that to me. Yes, there are times where I want short visits, but if I actually invite someone over for a visit (very rare in the first place), 15 minutes isn't going to cut it.

I am a social person. I hate how isolated I felt after the birth of my second. I didn't want to be alone with her (especially switching from one baby to two!). I have no problem nursing around people (so if you're around me, you have no problem with it either, or we won't be seeing each other much). I loved having my MIL come out to see the kids after they were born--and we didn't use to get along at all. And one of the highlights after Naomi was born was the baby shower a few days later.

If you're just dropping something off, someone will meet you at the door or your car, lol. But don't be scared to invite me out just because I just had a baby. I'll say no if I'm not up to it. But don't just squee and run. I like to share my babymoon. Maybe I'll feel different after I finally get a natural birth. Only time will tell.

Mostly, this was so I'd quit wanting to post frowny faces on all those guides!

Are those guides accurate for you? Did you want people to just leave you and your baby alone during your babymoon?

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  1. I hate being alone too and spent most of my time alone. It got even worse when Isabelle became colicky, then people couldn't wait to get away from me including one of my friends. :-( I still wonder if one of the reasons she wasn't real big on hanging out with me was because of the baby (she doesn't have kids and I'm pretty sure she hates kids too). Hard to say, I haven't seen her since she broke up with my nephew. But yeah, it gets lonely being a mom and I find that most people would rather not deal with you if you have your kids with.


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