Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Musing on It's Sew Chelle

It's Sew Chelle! 

A friend posted a while back on Facebook about this crafty lady who made a cover for her eReader. I checked her out and one of the first things I noticed was that she had a coffee set of fabrics to work with. Immediately, I thought of my husband's tablet and I told him about It's Sew Chelle.
The fabrics he eventually chose

Right away, I messaged her to talk about my interest and ask questions about making it to his specifications. She worked with me, taking pictures of her available fabrics and messaging me until he had finally found a match that he liked. She waited patiently for us to be able to actually afford it (and at $30, it was very affordable!) and put up a special listing enabling us to buy it easily.

She shipped it right away and it came quickly and it's absolutely beautiful. The fabric is soft and the case is firm enough to hold it upright, as a stand and protect a little bit from jostling and bumping around (he had to buy a special tool to be able to regularly repair his tablet from our 5 year old banging into it randomly).

This is the size as compared to my husband's phone, folded nicely

And opened, compared to my hand (it's a 10" tablet)
It stands so he can watch videos or read more comfortably
Front view of it standing
Overall, my husband is very happy with his cover and I will be ordering one for my Nook Simple Touch (my birthday present). I will update this post later with pictures and my feelings about having my very own. She has already started taking pictures of fabrics together for me so I can decide what just screams "me" (I already have my cover fabric picked out!)

In the meantime, please feel free to go visit her on Facebook or her website, have a look at available fabrics and order your own custom cover for your eReader or tablet (or, if you'd rather, she also makes cute little purses, cell phone cases, wallets/clutches, coin purses and zippered carrying pouches)!

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