Thursday, October 28, 2021

Musing on Starset

 I haven't posted in here in forever. With my kids older, only one still calling me Mommy, writing SFF novels full time, and having transitioned to a nonbinary man... there just aren't as many parenting topics to hit, and well, I don't think anyone still reads here anyway, lol.

That doesn't mean I'm not still around, so why not share a band I love?

All I can say about Transmissions is that it is the music I've been waiting for my whole life. Cinematic rock with a sci-fi theme that hits my synesthesia in all the best ways. AND I love the lyrics. It's perfect.

Vessels: Starset did it again. I can listen to this whole album from start to finish--and I do, regularly. Everglow took a long time to grow on me, landing as the weakest song at the end (mostly due to the intro), but I even love that now. I bought this right after it was released from the band's website, and I was in love with it the moment I started listening. My favorites are definitely Monster, Unbecoming, and Bringing it Down, but the focus on space travel in most of this album just speaks to me deeply. I love it. The sound paints pictures of galaxies being birthed and dying, of love and loss, of monsters inside and the sense of never giving up.


Bought it and promptly launched it in GrooVR. What was beautifully apropos for Vessels is disturbingly ironic for Divisions. An album about a society trapped in VR, played in VR. Experiencing some cognitive dissonance here.

That said, with the exception of just one song (Faultline is, hands down, the worst song lyrically and sound-wise, that they have produced--it sounds like it was written by an abuser gaslighting their victim), everything that wasn't working for me before with the album became wonderful when the album is played through beginning to end.

There were style choices that deviated from the core sound enough to not work for me (and even trigger my misophonia at first), and given their record, I expect they can do better dubstep (it was good, but it wasn't exceptional, which I think they're totally capable of--and dubstep is not a mistake in style choices for them or this album).

Definitely not my new fave, but still worth 5 stars because there are some amazing songs on this, and I still love it overall. I updated to say that after time with this album, it has grown on me quite a bit. Echo is my favorite song, not only on the album, but of all songs I listen to right now.

Horizons: Well, as usual, the music is phenomenal. I can turn on Transmissions and Vessels, just let them play, and float away. Divisions had one song I cut out. Out of three albums, ONE song. Starset is my favorite band. They still are, but the lyrics aren't here this time. I always loved the SFF story and the relatable side feels. There are still some songs staying true to that mission: The Breach, Leaving this World Behind, Dreamcatcher, Infected. There were some that mostly made it: Otherworldly, Earthrise, This Endless Endeavor (still in competition for the best song on the album regardless--damn, it hits). But the middle of the album was a miss for me. Too... weak for the power of the music behind it. I like GOOD breakup songs. Starset has had some amazing ones that made me feel with them. Not these. (With one exception...) But that ending. Something Wicked. I couldn't breathe. I'm not 100% with the lyrics, but I legit don't f**kin care. That song. That was what I wanted from this album. That feeling. So many Starset songs give it to me, and so few on this album, but that song just... Well. So, musically, great album. Lyrically, the worst Starset has ever done (for me, anyway, I know it's probably perfect for plenty of people). But saying "the worst" a band like this has done isn't an insult. I won't be adding the full album to my Communications playlist, which is a disappointment, but the songs I do add (most, but the fewest of any prior album) are still wonderful.

There you have it. My full musings on my current favorite band.