Friday, November 23, 2012

November Blues


November and I have a tradition: I don't like it and it does its best to shit all over me and everyone I care about. As a result, this year, my coping strategy has been to be a proper writer and immerse. Which has left me wondering if I'm writing a trilogy or a quartet. The age-old question of when you let it go for the readers to continue on with their own imaginations. I won't know until the end of this book, I suppose!

Katarina's first birthday!

I've had some great things happen in November. Last year, my third little girl came into our lives with my best birth. Eight years ago, I married the most amazing man I've ever known. Three years before that, he and I became a couple.

But mostly, it's been a bust. This year, I watched one of my best friends lose her kids just for starters. The list of bad that has happened to my friends is just too long. I am praying my hardest for two little girls and a friend's husband to come home as soon as possible. I'm not a praying person, but this is very important.

I'm starting to finally come out of the major depressive cycle I've been in for the last few months. Of course, I thought that at the beginning of the month, then I was hit so hard that I barely made it through the first few days of what I hope was the final spiral.

I am trying not to just disappear, but I haven't been much inspired for posts these days. My work has been almost entirely in fiction. I have been posting relevant articles, etc. on my Facebook page, so if you don't follow me there, you should consider it! My sales have been down on Hotel, but I haven't felt much like pimping it, so that's understandable.

We did have a pretty good Halloween, though, so I'll end with a few pictures from it. It does give me an idea for a post later, to explain my costume.

Lilly as Merida from Brave

Naomi as Spidergirl

Me, Cyberpunk


...Ro dah!

Ready to Trick or Treat!

My jack-o-lantern will end the world
(carved by my talented husband from my design)