Friday, January 21, 2011

Children Know What We've Forgotten

There are many difficult things about growing up. The greatest of all may be disillusionment. I am often baffled by how adults forget what it was like to be a child or mold their memories to fit into what adults believe, rather than how a child feels, thinks and sees. I know adults do much of this to the children, some children are born without the ability to See and a few even escape it to grow into adults who Remember. Grown ups who can See. And while I've probably forgotten more than I can list, these are many Truths that adults have forgotten, but are every day for a child:

Child in the wind
Children can control the wind, the rain and many other elements.

Mum and the daughter
Grown ups are invincible most of the time.

playground kids 4
It's a different, better world when it's upside down.

Monsters are quite real, but for some reason, they often cannot harm adults and adults cannot see them. However, sometimes adults need to be saved from them and never even know.

Graffity Monster
A monster can stand right behind an adult trying to tell a child why they aren't real, and mock you both until the adult leaves.

Monster spray works like a charm, though. Only grown ups know where to get it.

Kids behind Chanukah Menorah updated 3
There are Things in the dark that will eat you that only stay away if you are not alone or if you have enough light.

Invisible people often get stepped on and sat on, but they don't mind. They're really good friends. They just choose one special person to
be their friend.

playing with soil
Buried treasure could be anywhere.

Rainbow in hand
There are parallel worlds and doors to them exist everywhere. You need only open the Door.

Magic is very real and many adults have at least a small amount of it. Some people are just full of magic.

An object is rarely only what it appears to be.

Little Vampire
Bullies are children with the power of an adult.

preschool girls outside4 74
Grown ups very often won't believe the truth.

Between two of them, parents know everything and are always right. Except when they're not. But when defending knowledge to another child, the child's parents are right and the other child is wrong.

Favorite clothes "go together" regardless of adult clothing match up ideas.

A child (or group of children) saves the world every day, somewhere in the world, and no one even says, "Thank you."

Flowers are amazing and everyone loves them. They are one of the best gifts to give.

Adults are very forgetful and even when they can see the magic one day, will likely have forgotten by the next.

Sunbeams over forest moss
There are tiny fairies dancing in the air on sunny days.

Rainy Days
Mud is simply clay and paint that you play with outside.

Splish Splash
Wet clothes are worth seeing how high a puddle can fly into the air or how deep it is.

Beloved characters from stories and television are always ready to play!

The musician on the street corner or in the subway is very talented and deserves an audience.

Cities are full of things to see every which way you look.

Young African girl playing
Playing is hard work, but it is a child's duty to do what must be done.

Snail 4
Slime is just another fascinating texture.

Face Paint Tiger
Children can become any animal in the world.

Adults smell things differently than children. This may be why their food is often so gross.

Woo Hoo - x jump
People can randomly develop super powers.

Giddyup Horsey
Clothing can transform you into someone else entirely. Sometimes, it's a Door.

Grubby Girl 1
Dirt is a badge of pride and evidence that the day's work has been good.

photos courtesy of stockxchng (animal) (flower) (super) (dirt) (puddle) (invisible) (mud) (save the day) (playing is hard work) (light) (treasure) (upside down) (truth) (musician) (monster) (magic people) (city) (fairies) (elements) (door) (invincible) (slime) (bully) (clothing)

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  1. To add to that:
    It's never too cold or too hot to play outside and snow is the best stuff in the world. lol

    I can remember loving winter as a kid and now, at 30, I hate it and I seem to hate it more and more each year. lol


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